Basket of white shallots

The English Set Company

The English Set Company is the sole producer of English first year onion sets. Ten years of developments have established a range of varieties to supply all standard and niche ware production windows. Premium quality and traceability are assured.

All sets can be treated with an approved systemic fungicide and can be supplied in one tonne boxes, one tonne bags and 20kg nets.

Our Onion Varieties

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Set Planter Hire

We have 3 single bed Delta planters and a triple bed delta planter available to hire.

Why Use English Sets?

  • Early harvest to access premium markets and double store usage
  • Greater vigour improves establishment, weed control and tolerance to capping / windblow
  • Grown on comprehensively tested English sites, targeting virgin onion land
  • Meticulous production and testing ensures reliable, high quality sets with full traceability
  • UK grown sets reduce carbon footprint of ware set onion production
  • Continual product development including exclusive new varieties